The capacity for learning, reasoning, and understanding.

OnlineMatters data mining and online marketing techniques provide you actionable information that allows you to continuously excite your prospects and charm your customers across every appropriate online and mobile setting. Measurably. Predictably. In real time.

Everything we do - web and mobile product management, data warehouse design, data mining, online marketing - is driven by our passion to provide you nuggets of actionable information from analyzing huge volumes of data. Depend on us to make your products smarter and your marketing more effective through insights gleaned from deep analysis of customer behavior.

We build systems that allow you to understand who your customers are and then to act on that knowledge. The result? You are able to create alluring products that inspire your customers to engage with you.

There is no "black box" in online marketing. With the right model, every investment should yield predictable and scalable results.

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OnlineMatters consultants begin by first understanding the business problem: who are the likely customers, what do they need, and how that need can be matched to a unique product offering. They then examine the data closely looking for patterns. From this our consultants use techniques derived from machine learning and advanced statistics to develop predictive models. At the same time, they build analytics and reporting dashboards to track business success against key metrics. Once the models are refined and the results provably exceed any established metric, the model is engineered into the product offering and becomes core, real-time intelligence in the product.