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OnlineMatters provides consulting services to companies that depend heavily on online and mobile presences. We combine expertise in business analytics and machine learning with a holistic and metric-driven approach to online marketing. We are a pragmatic business team that has built and managed numerous online businesses to superior performance using our unique methodologies. Our teams sift through reams of data to identify specific actions that can improve a business, and have developed predictive models, recommendation engines, and optimization tools to allow our customer organizations to react in real-time.

Our unique approach combines our IAM (Insightful. Actionable. Measurable) methodology with an approach to online marketing called integrated online presence. These two approaches have allowed us to achieve above average results for our clients.

How we differ from online agencies:

  • Very few firms combine hands-on expertise running multimillion dollar marketing budgets for online and mobile businesses with deep experience using automation to optimize customer satisfaction and profitability. As a result, we see the world through from our customers (and their customers´┐Ż) viewpoint and can act pragmatically and dependably on their behalf.

  • We think "outside-in." We start with the customer and identify their essential need through research, surveys and data analysis. We then help our customers develop business strategies and products that meet those needs uniquely.

  • We understand scale. Scale means knowing how to manage and interpret huge volumes of data to provide actionable information in real-time with one or two mouse clicks. Scale also means understanding when and how to automate processes to maximize the customer experience in the most economic way.

  • We do not use standard metrics. There is no such thing as a 'standard' business. One of our first tasks is developing customized metrics tied to your company's unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Everything we do is 'closed loop' - we constantly measure our program performance against your customized metrics. Strategies and tactics evolve continuously, yielding the highest ROI for each dollar you spend.

  • We have a maxim: 'Anything that works is infinitely scalable.' We undertake hundreds of small tests to find the most impactful techniques, then scale those that are most successful.

  • We also like to say 'Averages are evil.' We analyze data at the finest level of granularity seeking deep patterns where small changes can have big impacts on your bottom line.

  • OnlineMatters staff work as extensions of your marketing department. We often work on-site and interact continuously with your staff. As much as possible, we internalize company values and take advantage of existing resources and levers available to optimize your online presence.

  • OnlineMatters provides on-going training to your staff, allowing them to maintain the programs we establish.

OnlineMatters holistic approach has helped leading corporations develop, deploy, and manage successful online and mobile businesses based on the latest technologies. Contact us at +01-650-867-8565, or email us.