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OnlineMatters has been building and promoting online and mobile businesses for over 15 years. In that time, we have developed a unique, data-driven approach, called IAM (Insightful. Actionable. Measurable.) for creating profitable online franchises. OnlineMatters' team combines visual thinking, a set of data-driven methods, and a hands-on, on-the-ground approach that yields predictable and profitable results for you.

Business Intelligence involves all the systems needed to determine actionable insights from huge volumes of data. OnlineMatters designs and deploys data warehouses that can accept petabytes of data, aggregate it into useful reporting categories, and provide reports that yield easy to understand actionable insights against business goals and metrics.

Machine Learning has become an essential part of any online or mobile business in the age of big data. OnlineMatters has deep expertise building predictive models to define audience segments, make real-time recommendations for products or services, and optimize performance of various systems, such as game servers, ad servers, or search engines.

Web Analytics are the foundation upon which all online marketing programs are constructed. OnlineMatters employs customized metrics for each customer, based on its unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Once those metrics are established, deeply granular analysis fed back in a closed-loop marketing program assures those metrics are achieved.

Consumer Research provides insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors critical to designing and marketing your products and services. OnlineMatters has the experience to conceive and implement well-designed research studies, whether you need basic surveys or more complex programs that involve multidimensional scaling or conjoint analysis.

Search Engine Optimization is not a black box. Through the use of OnlineMatters structured methodologies, the results from SEO can be both measurable and predictable.

Paid Search involves both pay-per-click and banner ads. Returns on paid search are easily measurable. Maximizing those returns requires an intensely data-driven approach using numerous small experiments and continual revisions of your campaigns.

Social Media allows you to present your products in the conversational web, where your customers and partners can add value to your brand. Participating means understanding the way communication evolves in this milieu and how to appropriately insert your views into the conversation.

Web Development OnlineMatters applies a structured, multidisciplinary approach to online and multi-channel product development. We inform sophisticated design and technical implementation with a detailed understanding of your customers, their attitudes, and their behaviors.

Lead Generation If leads grew on trees, no business would need lead generation. Sadly, lead generation is essential to every business and is also one of the areas most costly areas to get wrong OnlineMatters applies a structured, multidisciplinary approach to lead generation that ensures we maximize ultimate sales closed for dollars spent.

Brand Management A brand is the promise a company or product makes to some group of consumers. It exists in consumers' minds only and is a model of reality that communicates to them.